Reduced Administrative Burden for ATED Returns

Written by Arnold Hill on December 11, 2014

The Finance Bill has introduced a new type of ATED return called ‘the relief declaration return’.  For each type of relief being claimed, the company will submit a ‘relief declaration return’ stating that a relief is being claimed in respect of one or more properties held at that time.  No details will be required of the individual properties or the number of properties eligible for the relief.  Where a property is acquired in-year which also qualifies for the same type of relief, the existing return is treated as also having been made in respect of that property. The overall result is that businesses with properties which qualify for relief will generally only be required to deliver one relief declaration return a year for all properties covered by a particular relief instead of, as now, multiple detailed returns for each such property.

A separate relief declaration return will be required where a property is acquired during the year that qualifies for a different type relief and where no relief declaration return has previously been made in relation to that particular relief.

A normal ATED return is required, as now, in respect of any property which does not qualify or ceases to qualify for a relief; i.e. where tax is due.