For companies seeking to expand into overseas markets, the challenge of international tax systems can be a multi-layered obstacle to achieving profitable growth both inside and outside the UK.

At Arnold Hill & Co, our international tax advisers are ready to support your business as you venture into new jurisdictions. How you structure your business in foreign markets can have a significant impact on the amount of tax you pay. We will advise on cross-border international tax planning strategies which minimise your liabilities without compromising your business’ reputation for integrity.


International Tax Services For Cross-Border Transactions

As an active member of IR Global, a worldwide association of independent accountants, we can source professional tax advice from accountancy specialists located in jurisdictions across the world – so, wherever you trade, you can be confident of receiving only accurate and relevant information and strategic tax planning.

Our international tax services for companies delivering cross-border transactions include:

• Devising strategies to mitigate cross-border withholding taxes on trading income,
dividends, interest, rent or royalties
• Annual investment allowances
• Obtaining cross-border tax clearances where necessary
• Providing solutions for any relevant cross-border tax issues, such as Controlled Foreign
Companies (CFC) planning
• Reviewing business structures to ensure optimum financial operation and performance in
different tax systems
• Evaluating the likely impact on UK businesses of new tax legislation in overseas territories

Ensuring Compliance

The penalties for non-compliance in overseas tax systems are increasing. More than ever, compliance with international rules and regulations is vital; however, for UK businesses unfamiliar with the requirements of foreign tax systems, the picture can lack clarity at the best of times.

Our specialist tax advisors offer reliable and cost-effective tax compliance services for businesses venturing into international trade. We will ensure that your tax affairs are accurate and compliant with local laws at every stage, so you can focus on making the right impact in your new target market.

Find Out More

At Arnold Hill & Co, we have some of the most experienced and talented international tax advisors on-board, so we can provide trustworthy advice to help your business branch out into overseas markets.

To find out more, please call us today on 020 7306 9100 or, alternatively, send us a message.

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