A trust is a legal arrangement in which assets are assigned to a board of trustees to look after on the behalf of others, the beneficiaries. There are many reasons why trusts are used, including protecting assets from claims by third parties, minimising Inheritance Tax liability, or holding assets on behalf of children until they reach adulthood. During the period of the trust, the trustees manage the assets – typically cash, property, or investments – and must make decisions based on the best interest of the beneficiaries, while there are also important tax implications to consider, which vary according to the type and terms of the trust.

At Arnold Hill & Co, we assist with all aspects of setting up, administering, or winding down a trust, ensuring full compliance with all legal requirements and tax rules. We deliver a professional, confidential, and unbiased approach to our work, ensuring that our actions protect our clients’ interests at all times.

If you’re planning to set up a trust but you don’t know which type is suitable, we can provide tailored advice that is based on your individual circumstances, ensuring that the trust will deliver exactly what you need.

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Trustee Management Services On Which You Can Rely

At Arnold Hill & Co, our experts provide a comprehensive range of services for family and charitable trusts that help to ensure they are operated fairly and legally, with full compliance with all relevant regulations.

We can provide planning and advice that draws on decades of experience in the field of trust management, ensuring that trustees are fully informed. Whether a trust is being set up for the first time or wound down for the distribution of assets, our specialists can help.

Often, it is invaluable to have a professional trustee to work alongside family members to manage the trust. In many cases, one of our partners will act as the professional trustee, giving you reassurance that an expert eye is keeping a close check on the trust.

Our  services include:

• Preparation and submission of trust annual tax returns
• Preparation of inheritance tax returns
• Bookkeeping
• Preparation of trust accounts
• For charities, preparation of annual returns
• Liaison with stockbrokers and arrangement of distributions to beneficiaries.
• Advice on the winding up of a trust

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