For a limited company, Corporation Tax is one of the most important and complex taxes that you’ll have to pay. Fulfilling your Corporation Tax obligations is crucial, but with many exemptions, deductions, and allowances available, it is possible to reduce your Corporation Tax liabilities and to maximise your annual profits.

At Arnold Hill & Co, we can provide tax support to your company throughout the entire business lifecycle, including helping you calculate and submit your Corporation Tax returns for each accounting period. Our expert Corporation Tax specialists will work with you to understand your business’ unique circumstances, recommending effective ways to minimise your tax liabilities.

What Is Corporation Tax?

Corporation Tax is paid by companies operating in the UK, based on their annual profits. While all profits are – generally – taxable, many expenses incurred wholly and exclusively for the purposes of the company’s trade can be deducted to minimise the Corporation Tax liability.

Corporation Tax applies to:

  • Trading profits, generated from business
  • Investments
  • The sale of assets, such as property, land, equipment, or shares
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Business Incorporation

For new companies at the point of incorporation, we can provide expert guidance about the administrative requirements of the Corporation Tax regime, helping business owners to make sense of their legal obligations.

We can assist with essential Corporation Tax services, including:

• Notifying HMRC of a company's taxable status
• Preparing Corporation Tax calculations from all income and gains based on the client's business records
• Preparing and submitting Corporation Tax returns to HMRC

With our professional support, your company will know when your tax return is due to be submitted to HMRC, how much Corporation Tax you will need to pay and when the company needs to settle its Corporation Tax liability for the period.

Business Growth And Development

As your business grows and develops, our Corporation Tax specialists can help you to minimise your liabilities by advising on strategies to ensure your company pays the right levels of tax.

We will help you take advantage of the many tax reliefs available, including:

Capital allowances for business assets including the "super-deduction"
Annual investment allowances
Research and Development (R&D) Relief
Patent box relief
Use of trading losses
Allowable expenses, for example, for rent and business travel
Marginal relief

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Tax rules change regularly, so we stay abreast of new legislation to ensure that your business seizes opportunities for growth tax efficiently.

We can also provide advice on business transactions such as purchasing fixed assets, entering into property freehold or lease hold arrangements, and reviewing trade and banking agreements to ensure that your company's actions are undertaken in a tax efficient manner.

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