For over 100 years, Arnold Hill & Co have been providing comprehensive accountancy support to entrepreneurs in and around London. Our discrete services are tailored to the unique requirements of a range of high-powered start-up industries both in the UK and overseas. Our experienced team endeavour to ensure that companies achieve financial accuracy, attract investors, and have access to the various grants and loans available to entrepreneurs. For start-ups of all varieties, our hands-on and personalised approach ensures peace of mind during the critical early phase and beyond.


Our Entrepreneurial Support Services

Regulated by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW), our advisers will ensure that entrepreneurs are fully supported. Our trusted and efficient service can help start-ups with:

Registering the business
Tax returns
Financial statements
Management accounts preparation
Loan and grant applications
VAT returns
Regulatory compliance

With the support of Arnold Hill & Co, entrepreneurs can benefit from:

Comprehensive financial planning
Strategic financial management
Advice and guidance
Enhanced credibility

Sectors We Work With:

Arnold Hill & Co support entrepreneurs from a wide range of sectors throughout London and the UK, including:

Financial Service providers
Private Equity
Wholesaling and Retail
Property Management / Investment
Professional Services
FCA Regulated Businesses

Why Is Accountancy Beneficial To Entrepreneurs?

Launching a new business can be filled with multiple costs and funding requirements. This can create vulnerabilities within the business model, which professional financial accounting can safeguard against. Additionally, having robust and transparent financial records can raise the profile of the company, helping to encourage investors and funding providers. Entrepreneurs may also benefit from the guidance of experienced financial professionals, who can help to mitigate risks, offer insight, and guarantee support during a process that requires complex decision making.

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