Whilst financial audits are not always required, for example for businesses who are exempt due to their size, it can be invaluable to request an independent examination or assurance review, even where there is no obligation under law. Lenders, investors, and purchasers often request an assurance review to gain certainty over the financial standing of a business, before committing to an investment.

When requesting an independent examination or assurance review, it’s vital that you engage an impartial financial expert to carry it out. At Arnold Hill & Co, we provide tailored reviews that cover your business’ entire financial accounts or, if preferred, a specific aspect which is of concern to you.

With the flexibility to address areas deemed to be of operational risk, our experts can provide a level of confidence for business leaders, stakeholders, and investors, and provide trustworthy advice about how to safeguard your financial position against risk.


An Impartial Financial Review Service That Works For Your Business

By choosing Arnold Hill & Co to conduct your independent examination or assurance review, you can be confident that we will provide a wholly objective and unbiased overview of your business’ accounts.

Tailored to your operational and regulatory environment, our services support your full compliance with all relevant rules and legislation, including those laid down by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Where areas of non-compliance are uncovered, we will advise you accordingly so that remedial action may be taken.

Our Approach

Independent examinations or assurance reviews can take place whenever it is convenient for you. This may be between statutory audits, at a crucial time for your business’ future (such as on the brink of a purchase or merger), or at any time for smaller entities who do not undergo formal audits.

As part of the process, we will work with managers and other key management to endeavour to ensure that:

• Business leaders understand their responsibilities for producing accounts
• Financial statements accurately and fairly reflect the standing of the business 
• Statements are produced in line with the relevant financial reporting framework

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