Changes to PSC and Confirmation Statement Filing

As from 26th June 2017, the information required to be submitted to Companies House in relation to confirmation statements and the register of people with significant control (PSC register) has been amended. There is no longer a requirement to disclose PSC information with the confirmation statement. The new rules apply to all confirmation statements produced from 26th June 2017, irrespective of the actual confirmation date.

What is included in a Confirmation Statement Form?

 The confirmation statement (CS01 form) now only contains details of any changes in relation to the SIC code, statement of capital and shareholders and legally confirms that the following information (as held at Companies House) is correct:

  • Registered office address
  • Single alternative inspection location (SAIL) address and company records
  • Office appointments
  • People with significant control

 In terms of the required PSC disclosure, all new registrations and cessations of PSCs need to be notified to Companies House within 14 days (forms PSC01, PSC02, PSC03 & PSC07). In addition any changes in details for a registered PSC need to be notified to Companies House within 14 days (forms PSC04, PSC05 & PSC06). Any historic changes that were previously expected to be included on the company’s next confirmation statement should be filed as soon as possible. Companies House have confirmed no penalties will be issued with respect of these late filing forms.

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