Online Registration for Trusts and Estates

New trusts and estates must now register with HMRC using the online registration service, which replaces the old form 41(G) Trusts.  All trusts with a UK tax liability should be registered with the online service on or before 5 October following the tax year in which the trust or estate is set up.  You need to provide the following information:-

For estates:-

  • The estate;
  • The personal representatives;
  • The deceased person;
  • Tax years the estate needs to declare a liability to Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax for; and
  • Period end date if the administration period has ended.

For Trusts (including those created through a deceased’s will):-

  • The trust;
  • The Trustees;
  • The Settlors;
  • The Protectors;
  • The Beneficiaries;
  • Any other people with influence or involvement in the trust;
  • Assets settled into the trust; and
  • The tax years the trust needs to declare a liability to Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax for.

If you’d like any help in registering your trust or estate, please contact us.

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